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When a website is designed, the layout or content responds according to the size of screen they are presented on. Only a responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you are using. Generally, there are four main screen sizes that a responsive web design has been aimed at the wide-screen desktop monitor, the smaller desktop or laptop screen, the tablet and the mobile phones. In a responsive web design, when the screen gets smaller, everything shifts and changes to the best display for each screen..


Major Benefits

Content Optimisation

If a user is using a mobile phone, they generally have a limited screen space to work with. The entire website can be seen onscreen today using the zoom out option. A well-optimised content layout gives the reader access to the entire site. It is quite intimidating when trying to find information hidden in the extreme right corner of the screen. It is always better if you could move some things, zoom in and out without going through so many columns as it will give mobile users a better experience.

Platform Flexibility

Your potential customers browsing from a desktop or using a laptop probably not looking something to eat and isn’t in a hurry to see your location and contact number. Most likely they are looking to see your latest offers, atmosphere and what types of food you have. Mobile responsive design takes care of these things without having multiple versions of your site.

How Can We Help you to Create a Mobile Responsive Website

We Make Efforts

It is quite intimidating for you to change the entire code and design, in your overall web strategy and philosophy as well. The team Nemco is always ready to help you out. You can get your customise website design or simply, choose the responsive themes that we have created to help our target audience. We believe in staying updated as per the latest market trends so we are in the process of making every theme responsive.

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