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Boasting a community of more than 500M, Instagram is one of the largest mobile ads platforms in the world. Any business can share its story with highly engaged consumers in a creative environment and urge the audience to take action with their ads.

With 500M active monthly users, Instagram offers a great and unique opportunity for marketers to reach their potential audiences through ad campaigns. The ads look no different than regular posts.

There’s point denying the fact that marketing and advertising is all about forming personal relationships with consumers, and Instagram paves the right path for you to build the one-on-one relationship that matter.

Why Invest in Instagram Advertising

It’s time you make your brand work

There are several brands that have been catching on to new advertising service by Instagram. It’s that effective tool that you and your brand must take into account. Nowadays you cannot build an ecommerce brand without implementing an effective social media marketing technique. And this is where the role of Instagram comes into play.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Instagram has been a tremendous hit in terms of social media. While it may lack the absolute number of Facebook, what it provides is a very popular, unique and easy to use platform besides a reasonable advertising cost for businesses willing to take advantage.

Reach out to your audience with stunning visual and photos

Benefits of Instagram Advertising

As visual content gains immense popularity on Social Media, it becomes significantly important for brands to create and influence. The switch to visual social media means that many businesses, whether big or small, are beginning to communicate visually with their fans, followers and consumers.

By now, you’re probably aware of the fact that Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for your business. In fact, it’s one of the best and most sought after photo sharing platforms, which enables you to share photos and short videos as well, with your followers.


Is your brand trying to reach people with interests in food, cars or sports? If so, you can do it effectively by using technology that influences Facebook’s advertising infrastructure. With Instagram ads, it will be easy for you to find people with a keen interest in your product or service.


Every marketer would agree that it really pays to be up with the times and engage your potential customers in a manner that they see as relevant. Start with your Instagram ads that choose the type of customers that respond best to the products and services you offered by you.


Gaining trust is one of the major benefits of using Instagram for every business irrespective of its size. Businesses that are “up-to-the-minute” understand the significance of staying ahead of their competition.


Relying upon the quality of your post, branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are at times ignored by the user. However, this does hold true for users on Instagram. Having an Instagram account with useful content can engage you with your audience.


Conversion rates from Instagram ads are good, especially when it comes to downloading a resource or signing up in order to view more content. In terms of tracking purchases, early results are good, but the product is specfically engaging.


It’s true that most people think about sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with fans and engaging with customers online, it may be surprising to you that Instagram has one of the most active user base.


There is less competition on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter. As per the survey conducted, only 2% of small businesses are choosing this platform at present, which gives them an edge over their business rivals.


Creating professional images for promoting your products and highlighting your services has never been an effortless job neither it has been affordable. Therefore, Instagram - a unique visual platform - is doing more than generating engagement, and also driving sales.

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