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It would not be wrong to state that the saying “content is king” has generated a lot of buzz among several online marketers. Many debates have taken place over the precision of this phrase, but the point is that content seems a bit different than other marketing areas, such as social media and SEO.

Content marketing is more than just creating, distributing and sharing content to engage consumers, generate leads, enhance branding and other marketing objectives to be served with content marketing.

In simple words, it means creating and sharing valuable content (obviously free of cost) to catch the attention of prospects and turning them into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

Some Core Elements of Online Content Marketing

It’s time you connect with your audience

Are you a marketer or business executive who’s trying to establish a connection with the target audience? If so, then you may want to join other marketers who’re switching to online content marketing from traditional forms of marketing. You don’t have to change your business goals, but your approach.

If you really want to market your business online, you just cannot avoid the term “content marketing.” You will find it everywhere you look or listen.


Most experienced marketers would agree that blogging is a a highly indispensable tool used to communicate with your customers, expand your online reach, generate leads and get new customers. A well-written business blog provides value to prospects as well as existing customers.


Still the most popular form of online content marketing channel, most businesses use email marketing as more than just a direct sales channel. Many B2B and B2C marketers are using eMail as an effective and reasonable way to provide suitable content to prospects as well as customers.


One of the fastest growing elements of online content marketing, video marketing is the expansion of video-friendly mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones and social sites like YouTube. Those consumers who view video are much likely to buy than those who don’t.


Webcasts and podcasts comprise visual or audio content that can be downloaded and listened to at any given time. Although they lack the element of interactivity, they can be broadcast to reach a large number of potential customers.


A webinar (also known as a web conference) is a live, interactive online meeting in which viewers are often prompted to ask questions. This is a very useful online content marketing tool used for generating leads.


An eBook or a whitepaper is a lengthy piece of content take more time and resources to produce. They comprise of detailed information and analysis customized to a specific target audience.

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If you are looking for improved visibility in major search engines, you must rely on a professional digital agency that will assure you of desired results. We at Nemco understand the essence of content marketing and what all it can do to make you reach to the top. We work out a strategy that will help you improve your rankings consistently.