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Analytics consulting is the brand-new of consulting disciplines. With volumes of data, i.e. huge data, which seems to be growing at exceptional rate inside and outside a company, the business need for predictive or distinguishing analysis is crucial. The understanding gained by business performance in the past can be used to foresee, define, describe or analyze current and future business performance.

With analytics consulting, data warehousing, data mining and data quality have come into the management agenda. Some of the popular areas of analytics consulting and common actions for performing them are:

Customer insights, for product and service improvement, marketing and customer retention

Pricing analytics, for determining excellent pricing strategies as well as structure

Social media analytics, for developing insights into user behaviour and voice of customer

Speech and text analytics, for exposing information within speech and text

Spend analytics, for profiling and optimizing expenditure

Web analytics, for understanding and optimizing web page

Benefits of Google Analytics Consulting

Target your online visitors

Need help with implementation or analysis of Google analytics for your business?

It’s time you get the right assistance from the experts in Google Analytics Consulting – Nemco. Irrespective of the size of the business you are running, Google analytics works as a great tool to monitor as well as track your online business campaigns.

It’s a valuable tool that can provide you with the accurate statistics pertaining to ho many visitors landed on your website and the individual webpage views. Hiring a professional Google analytics consultant will definitely work to your advantage as it help you make further enhancements in your advertising campaign so that you can gain better results.

We understand how valuable information provided by Google analytics can be for any business

How Things Stand for Small Business Web Analytics

Improve your business considerably

At first sight Google analytics report looks very daunting that a small business owner starts wondering how to interpret them. This is the reason why you need a professional analytics consultant that will give you the most feasible advice to boost your results based on your current data, business goals and so on and so forth.

Almost all small businesses have a measurement system working for their website (even though many of them are not aware of the analytics data available from their web hosting service for no extra cost).

Good to excellent web analytics tools are now available for small businesses at low cost or absolutely free. No one can say, “I can’t afford to buy the software.” Specifically, Google Analytics is now within the reach of a small business.

Small businesses are not able to do much with the data at their fingertips. Because big businesses use analytics and testing and small businesses don’t do often, the performance gap between big and small business profitability becomes bigger every year.

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The gap is because small businesses don’t have a person on staff who has the training, the time and the focus to collect, analyze and act on the required data, which results in much enhanced effectiveness of the website as well as higher conversion rates. Small businesses are actually willing to pay the price to improve must engage efficient web analytics consultants. This is where our role comes into play. Our in-house professionals study the data of the business for several months, and make recommendations for how to boost your site and online sales as well. We also help you implement the changes on your website.