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How to Write the Most Powerful Title Tags for SEO

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The title is the first thing that visitors would get to read before your blog post. In this fast-paced world, everyone is following the different patterns of blogging and creating the engaging titles to make their blog post compelling for the readers. You must be wondering that how to increase your readers and make your blog insightful for the reader’s point of view. Don’t be discouraged even if your content is getting minimum views because the ever-changing market trends require a change in your writing pattern for the Title Tags.

Let’s find out what makes a captivating killer title?

Use Numbers: When you see the numbers in the search result, they get a better click-through rate which works due to the cognitive bias. Our brains catch the things that are more specific and stand out more precisely. And numbers are the things that work more specifically and stand out so, your brain finds out the things that can ultimately grasp onto. Using the numbers in your title tags, you would get the improved click-through.

Count Dates: Now, date in your title enhances its credibility. Dates like “The Best e-Commerce Websites in 2017” or the “The Most Successful Movies in September 2017”.

While using a WordPress, use Yoast plugin wherein you can update your title tags whenever you want. If it doesn’t suit everywhere, it’s better to make it use for your certain queries.

Length: This is something the most controversial which causes the most angst wherein doing audits or title tags, you would find two major things. A very short title tag “jewelry” or title tags that are very long “How to Find the Biggest Diamond Jewelry Collection for Wedding Purpose, Bridal Outfit with Jewelry Design”.

Both of these one word or very long title which may not clear you the concept whether it’s about a bridal jewelry or bridal outfit. If you get confused, your readers and search engines would get confused which keyword you want to target.

Shorten the length of title tags and keep it between 50-60 characters. Also, use the keywords to know where do you want to use your keyword research and find the keywords that answer the query of your visitor.

Variants and Synonyms: You should know that how you think your visitors are searching may not be how they are really searching. For instance, you took the word “reasonable jewelry” and you are optimizing for reasonable jewelry. people would be searching for that in different ways or looking for “cheap jewelry” or “affordable jewelry”. And a title “Find a reasonable jewelry, cheap prices, and affordable jewelry designs”. It is going to cover all search synonyms.

Search engines would assist you to find the best search words. The moment you put your keyword of affordable jewelry, you would get a search query with highlighted words in the search result.

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Call to Action: You would have hardly seen a call to action words during your keyword research but they are very helpful. Consider the action words including buy, find, download, search, listen, look, watch and learn. When you start using these words, it will increase the excitement level because they indicate the user can do something beyond the keywords. But they would get surprised by finding something running in their subconscious mind. This is the best way to increase your click-through rate.


When putting efforts to draw maximum traffic and emphasizing on improved search queries, it is quite important to invest your time for creating good titles. Keep in mind the importance of using the right keyword phrases, use the numbers, synonyms and work on variant search queries which help in writing a good title. Once you start writing for the title tags, you will have to know that users would type a certain phrase in order to allow you get the most out of your efforts.

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