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How to Write More Engaging Web Content for Better SEO Results

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A Guide to Write Good SEO Content

A Guide to Write Good SEO Content that Serves User’s Approach

Despite your year’s long expertise and rich industrial experience, you would find it tough to beat the competition with your effective writing as the trend certainly gone through a lot of changes.

In the beginning, you would not have noticed but realized that the rule of 4-5% keyword density has been changed to 1% hardly. Now, the Google algorithm is counting the same words and same meaning words as well in this density.

Now, we can’t give our domain name the same name as our keywords. Now, you are putting your SEO at risk by highlighting your keywords. The world of SEO keeps rolling with the Google updates so, you should not miss any update while writing a web content. The content plays an integral role in determining your website ranking or the overall performance of your website.

Let’s Look at This Simple Guide To Write Better Web Content:

Look at that 200-400 blog/article content which seems so perfect with a title, subtitle, body, summary, keywords and link which is posted with an author bio. This entire thing makes a perfect SEO content which plays an integral role for many websites to rank higher. This is the latest trend followed in the web world but there are websites which are created just to move their products. So, it is important to look for the scope in this type of web design.

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Before we go to delve a little deeper into how to improve web content, look at the things you never noticed before, but should be considered.

  • Write an informative content keeping in mind a human being, not a search engine.
  • Be relevant to the page.
  • Over-optimization will diminish your hard work.

Know your goals while writing a web content:

“Identify your goal for writing a web content”

  • To boost the perceived value of a product or service
  • Reduce the perceived friction between the visitors of your website and buying your products
  • Answer the visitor’s queries
  • Establish a clarity and simplify their next action
  • Help the search engines to understand your topic and its relevance

Get the Right Voice

Your brand voice is how you speak and write about your company. It’s important to use the right voice and language to send messages and disseminate the information about your company to boost its reputation and establish stronger connections with customers.

How to Perform Perfection

  • Emphasize on a balanced emotional and functional appeal while writing a web content. If you are only filling it with emotional contexts, you are serving the empty content.
  • On the other hands, just talking about features might lead to the user’s disinterest.
  • It’s quite difficult to balance everything, but you can keep your content focused on visitors rather than your company.
  • Touch their emotional side by using words that show you understand their needs and proving that you want their trust. Then, highlight the features of your products and services to help them understand how it will offer you an ease by solving their problems.
  • The best thing about a brand voice is that it should be interactive to the customers and should be focused on what they get, instead of what you have.

What is Necessary for An SEO Copywriting

Writing should begin with an established voice which says all about writing to and for your actual customers. However, it doesn’t mean we want to ignore the search engines so you should keep in mind these important SEO elements.

Keywords: Writing an SEO content is not just keyword stuffed content, there are much more effective ways introduced by the experts to make your content SEO-friendly.

Focus on your content created to support your topic instead of write just to highlight your keywords. The general prescription for using a keyword is once in title, body, and header but you can get a broad scope of making your content effective if you look for the new ways of getting more benefits from your content.

Links: Don’t force the links into your content, in fact you should not link to irrelevant pages just for a hope to boost your ranking. Just link to important information on your website or downloadable assets which are really helpful to understand your product and service.

Title: Your web page title should be focused on the customer’s interest. Create your headlines with a focused approach what the visitors get rather than what do you have or they must do. Your headline is written to grab the attention, to give a reason to move to body content and insightful.

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The Elements Style

Adopt a proper style while writing for SEO purpose so that you can create an interesting content for your readers or visitors.

Use the Active Voice: Use the direct sentences in active voice which is vigorous than the passive. Active voice address the audience directly which makes it more interactive.

Omit Needless Words: Vigorous writing is concise so you should not include the unnecessary words in your sentences. When you begin SEO writing, getting all the right keywords may include the tons of needless words. You can use it as a gauge when you are focused on fitting in a keyword.

Put Statement in a Positive Form: Instead of using tame, colorless, hesitant, noncommittal language, make definite assertions. Stay straight, active and direct in your language by avoiding grammatically wrong.


Web content writing should is a balancing act wherein creating a quality content highlights the functional as well as emotional benefits of a product or service. It has to appeal the real people as well as search engines. The right voice and words selection plays an integral role to grab the attention immediately. The key of a web content is just to make it insightful for the visitors, rank higher in search engines and make it understandable as well.

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