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7 Influential Tips to Write Attractive Headlines

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Tips to Write Attractive Headlines

Ever thought how you can hook readers to your blog posts? Allow us to reveal the secret: it’s the headlines. Yes, it’s true that readers get attracted by those magnetic headlines that keep them hooked to the post.

HEADLINE: Being the first line of copy on a page, it can either make or break the reader. It all depends on what you create to attract readers to your page.

If you have a powerful headline, it’ll help you beat the average and get your content read by people hunting for something useful and informative.

Here are seven influential tips that will help your content acquire the traffic it’s truly worthy of:

1.Use the Right Language (Simple but Compelling)

If you want to attract traffic, make sure you don’t use words that are boring or useless. If the words used are not known by your prospective readers, you can’t help but allowing them to be turned off. The words you choose matter a lot, so stick with the right language that’s not simple but compelling as well.

Using a simple language will be the most feasible decision you’ll make. Avoid using the word “utilise” when the word “use” will work for you.

2.Time to Convey the BenefitsAsk any customer about the thing they buy the most, and you’ll get your answer. Thinking they buy features? Not at all! What they buy are the benefits. With the benefits, they come to know the durability of the product and money saving.

Benefits make clear how the product or service will improve the situation of a customer. It’s all about consumers, because they express a great concern for themselves. And there are several marketers that lay emphasis on features in place of benefits.

A feature is nothing but an explanatory phrase about your product or service. It’s true that features are the logical reasons used by the individuals so they can favour their emotional decision to buy something.

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3.A Bold Statement Makes a Great Impact

If high click-through rates are what you’re after, it’s time you introduce a shock factor into your headline. Think about ways how you can add a flavour to your headline followed by wording it in a way that it instantly draws the readers’ attention. Making a bold or questionable statement is a guaranteed way to get readers hooked.

4.Why not Create Curiosity

Headlines with questions can be impressive, but you need to make sure they’re composed the right way.

Note – Questions always spark curiosity, which in itself is a very robust emotion.

You must follow the golden rule that says, “Never to ask a question that your reader can answer “no” to. If you’ve already answered the question, they will not proceed because they already know the answer. Create a headline that creates anxiety among readers, so they’re compelled to read your article. Readers will want to know more.

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5.Utilise Use Your Time Well Writing Headlines

It may be true that 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two will possibly will go through the rest. You don’t have to worry about your headlines as long you keep writing them over and over again.

Got five hours to work on your ad? If so then you ought to spend at least four on writing an effective headline.

6.Use Adjectives and Other Power Words (for that effect)

Using superlatives is a big NO-NO, unless you want to turn your readers off. Instead emphasise on using adjectives to get much needed traffic to your content.

Including adjectives like brilliant, essential, fun, incredible, strange, valuable and others will be the best bet, because they will catch the reader’s attention and keep them captivated to read more.

7.An Unusual or Humorous Question is the Best

Questions, especially weird sounding ones, are the best way to catch someone’s attention. Obviously, you want to ask an unusual question that leaves them wanting more, which will definitely arouse curiosity in them. The idea here is to reveal the answer, which isn’t possible to do unless a reader clicks on the headline and visit your website. If used in an effective way, it assures you high click-through rates.


There’s no escaping the fact that a headline is the first and foremost impression that keeps a reader glued to your post. Of course, you’d make every attempt to turn a browser into a reader, but without a compelling headline your words may have no meaning.

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