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Why Semantic SEO is Called as the Future of SEO in 2017

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Semantic SEO is Called as the Future of SEO

The SEO world is not stable, not their efforts ensure the longevity of the results. With the Google algorithm and its updates, no one can follow the same procedure for achieving the desired results repeatedly. But the most prominent SEO practices ensure to bring out more relevant results by following the right process for holding the search result around your keyword. No efforts are going to waste this time because the most SEOs are going to work in a different way in 2017 with Semantic SEO.

Semantic SEO – How Does it Work?

You must be familiar with the term Semantic SEO, but ignorance would have happened in the previous years as people were receiving results and that’s something compelled them to stick to a single or only a few SEO practices. With Semantic SEO, you are going to see the perfect accuracy in the search result.

This is a recognizable SEO tactic that extracts the target phrase, use it throughout the web URL and range for the phrase preferred. In Semantic SEO practice, you are going to target a topic, unlike long tail keywords which helps the Google to understand your logic or concept while displaying something for the promotional purpose.

As compared to keywords, Google is more competent at understanding the user’s intentions and the purpose of phrases used in which context.

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Informative Content with Answers of User’s Query

You must have worked very hard throughout your span of content writing and displaying everything in an impressive way, but everything gets affected by a single pitfall even if you put too much information. Too much content and answers to all user’s queries makes the article great but you will find yourself deep in a dense forest which makes some information too complicated and confusing.

However, it is important to know what best practices and guides you should consider to filter the best extended phrases with Semantic SEO.

Results with Enhanced Relevancy

Results with Enhanced Relevancy

Make some time to spend on your list of phrases you built by spending a good amount of time. You should know which extended phrases go well into what you were planning to write what would be serving you in a better way or what you are saving for another article that could link to your main article. This is the best technique that takes the readers in more depth and makes the entire information more useful for a person with connected yet informative links of other articles for a detailed information.

The emergence of the natural growth of backlinks which gives the greater digital footfall on your domains or URLs.

Great content comes with a great scope of publicity which ensures the increased audience engagement as well as interaction by achieving the client’s total attention by increasing the engagement.

Semantic SEO Search

Semantic SEO Strategy in 2017

Be ready to take up a challenge to align your skills and knowledge with Semantic SEO Strategy. At the first place, focus on managing your content SEO audit and optimization by keeping in mind the Semantic search.

Focus on Semantic Search while Managing your Content in 2017

  • The process of optimization of a website’s content has been completely changing for search engines. Ideally, it is important to know how to read the mind of your targeted audience. But in 2017, you may need to use LSI keywords and contextual clues for your website’s optimization instead of standalone keywords.
  • Weightage will be given to most relevant searchers as introducing the well-structured data is the surefire path to driving the potential readers.
  • You are not going to leave an impression, won’t be able to make friends with Google and your target audience if you are not mobile-friendly.
  • It’s quite tough to figure out the best SEO practices and the effects of other tools of digital marketing to chime in with hot SEO trends and Google updates.

On Page Optimization

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Improve UX/UI by Fixing On-page Issues

  • Ensure that you implemented the rel-canonical tag for the duplicate versions of your site.
  • Fix the incorrect response status codes to eliminate 404 page not found issues so that those pages can be navigated or simply prefer 301 redirects.
  • Check your website for duplicate content, long/short Meta tags and absence of ALT attributes.
  • Increase the page loading speed to make your site’s performance faster and effective for the search engines.

Improve your website SERP clickability by improving your structured data with a relevant copy:

  • Display your Q&A content into a well-structured, clear and simply copy with a huge variety of rich answers which give you a room for improvement. Rich answers should also contain schema markup which makes a sense to optimize your micro-data.
  • Also, it is important to enhance your rich snippets with a markup review and ensure you review markup with a good use of schema.
  • Improve your brand with the knowledge graph optimization. Among all, it is important to optimize your micro-data for site name, site logo and social profile links as well.


With the changing market trends, you should change the way you have been putting on your website and trying the processes to enhance the visibility of your website, connect it with the pages and link up with something gives your website the most weightage and make it recognizable and identifiable for the major search engines.

If Google is giving preference to your website, you should know the best practices that would help you a lot to sustain that preference. Following the current SEO trends in 2017 is always beneficial for a website to perform efficiently on major search engines.

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