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Why Website Structure is an Important Aspect of SEO

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Why Website Structure is an Important Aspect of SEO

Your website structure is a crucial SEO element that generates traffic to your website. A website should be structured in such a manner that makes sense to Google as well as the visitors of your website. By going through this post, you can understand why a site structure is an important aspect for SEO.

A Website Structure Shows Importance to Google

The better you create a site structure, the better your chances of higher ranking on SERP. Today, many businesses are creating a website which is promoted on Google, but the structure determines its performance. Whether your website structure is streamlined or is a complete mess with the disorganized jumble of pages, you must know that your site structure plays an integral role in achieving the search excellence.

Why Structure Matters

You would get surprised by knowing that your website structure matters a lot which is often overlooked. On the other hand, it’s one of the most important aspects that determine a website SEO performance. Most of us have started focusing on the website structure and understand the actual importance of having a site structure that enhances SEO performance. Why site structure is so crucial help you to develop your own SEO-friendly site structure.

Instead of focusing on the entire development process and thinking about how it should be appeared physically, emphasize on a website structure or, how it should be set up. Consider how your website’s individual page are linked and organized that makes it easy for the user’s perspective and Google’s spiders to navigate.

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Structure is Important for UX/UI

A well-structured website is quite important which helps your site to rank higher in Google. Besides, a site structure is always important for UX. A well-structured website comes with an easy navigation feature of your website which helps your audience to easily browse through the site pages. A good site structure will enhance UX with increased feasibility for people to convert, buy products, subscribe to your newsletter or return for another purchase.

Site Crawlability

If the search engine robot encounters uncertain dead end, it is a matter of concern for your SEO. “Crawlability plays an integral role in preventing indexing problem on Google”, says Matt Cutts, formerly of Google. When it comes to structuring a website, site crawlability plays an integral role which refers to a search engine’s ability to crawl your website’s entire text content to know what your website is all about. In this process, navigating through sub-pages and every single topic for a website’s in-depth understanding.

No Competition With Your Own Content

A website which is not well-structured, you could be competing with your own content appeared in Google. Until you tell Google which one of your blogposts about, Google won’t be able to recognize which to rank higher. It’s difficult to competing with other websites for the primary spots appeared n the search results. Ensure that you are not competing with your own content to rank higher in search engines.

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Avoid that Clutter on your Site

If you just want to ensure that you have a well-structured website, you’ll probably make the essential changes frequently on your website in order to achieve a perfection. It could get cluttered instead of a well-maintained with all well-structured features without even noticing it. Perhaps, you are posting without its proper categorization or deleting, adding or redirecting pages randomly. Perhaps you forgot to link or update important blogposts while updating recent ones. So, ensure while updating the features, your website is not going to get cluttered.

Just Focus on your Site Structure

While emphasizing on your website’s SEO strategy, it is important to know the important aspects structuring your website. To stay ahead in this ever-changing digitized industry, improve your website structure, redirect functionality and interlinking content to ensure it goes well when it comes to promoting on the search engines.


Site structure is quite important which should be done carefully with intentional designs and accurate organization. The best time to draft a proper website structure is prior to its designing so that you can eliminate the efforts one it is designed. However, redesigning or rework on your site can be avoided if you reorganize the navigational elements to improve overall SEO structural.

A well-structured website’s SEO result would surprise you if you compare with a cluttered website which is tough for the Google crawler as well as the visitors to navigate or can also create indexing problem.

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