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How using latest SEO Techniques Impact your website?

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Starting out with something new is hard, especially something as complicated as an online platform for your business like a website. A website in today’s rapidly shifting internet technologies and modern updates needs to be updated constantly with latest tech and programs to stay on top of search results. SEO techniques are constantly changing as well with Google updating search algorithms quite often for relevant results. Even the latest update to Google search algorithm is asking for a paradigm shift in the way websites are indexed. To stay ahead of the competition follow the techniques given below and you are Gold to get started.

1 Responsive website: Ask yourself this: “Do I need a mobile-friendly website?” Just look around you. The truth is, a major section of the online customers is surfing the internet through their smartphones. Google updated its search algorithm, which will bring mobile friendly responsive websites to the top and rank higher in mobile search results. Google has also given clear guidelines for designing and programming mobile-friendly websites.

2 SEO- Friendly Development: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what gets the clock ticking. The keywords that you use on your website for relevancy search results need to be a long tail for maximum effect. Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases closely relevant and precisely specific to your products and services. Going for headwords or single words keywords is not suggested as many others would also be using the same to sell similar products. Long tails keywords may not get direct traffic right away but it will improve your conversion rate because of to the point relevant searches and reduce bounce rate, bumping your website on top in Google searches. And the fact remains that ‘the more specific your keywords are the lesser competition you will have’. Hence it is highly advisable to start out with long tail keywords.

3. Content Optimization: Optimizing the content on your website is very crucial as it helps Google’s algorithm decide where to place you. The text you place on your website should not just be keyword rich but also relevant and informative. When people visit your website for information they should get what they were looking for. There’s an Indian proverb that roughly translates to this ‘you dug up a mountain just to discover a rat and that too a wrong one’. Just like the information the images, videos and other digital media on your website needs to have a singular uniformity.

4 Load Time: In the age of the internet humans have gotten used to everything done right away. Statistics show if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load there’s a great chance that the visitor will jump to the next website never to return. Your web pages need to be optimized to load faster for best user experience. The videos and images need to use best available compressions to reduce the file size to make loading time faster.

5 User Centric UI: Website UI needs to facilitate easier navigation for the user so they do not get confused while looking for the data they need regarding the services you provide. Navigation buttons need to be highlighted and easy to find. Less scalability is the key today in the mobile age. The less hard work users have to do to get what they want the more they prefer you over others.

6 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): AMP is an open-source library that provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are compelling, smooth, and load near instantaneously for users. AMP pages are just web pages that you can link to and are controlled by you. It will improve the overall experience of your website and provide faster loading page for mobile users, improved search engine ranking, Increased visibility for Publishers, Support for Ads, AMP Visitor Analytics. All these can significantly take your business to its optimal capacity.

Starting out is tough but once you get through the initial hurdles of the online world the ride becomes a little smoother only needing you to stay updated and abide by the latest search rules best suited for the products and services.

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