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Tips for designing iOS apps with best User experience (UX)

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Apple iOS is widely appreciated for it user friendly design and powerful functionality. Its UI (user interface) design delivers the best UX (User experience) than any other operating system in the market. iOS has matured a lot over the years and the designs have changed drastically, com changes have reverted back while some have been completely transformed. Like iOS 10 has reverted back to bolder text like in the older versions. But before you start designing your app, you should go through the app store guidelines that state every very clearly. Using these guidelines and other supporting material will set you on a better path while designing a User friendly iOS app that gives a better user experience. iPhone app development company in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth adheres to these guideline while laying down the foundations of their design journey. Go through the below design concepts to better understand how to plan your design process.

  • A design that adapts

The market experts are constantly studying user behavior online and these statistics and results are used to ste new design rules thus bring in a number of design revolution all the time. Your design layout needs to be adaptable to these changes. Using tools like Xcode or Sketch Constraints you can develop a flexible screen size which will be able to display extra menus if needed. It will be beneficial to have an expanding UI instead of the one that scales up.

  • Font

The default font is now the San Francisco font which apple created in-house. It affects the overall design of the app making readability a priority. iOS app developer’sbetter keep an eye on this one while making the app. Adhering to set values given in the guidelines will make your app text legible on all screens.

  • The 3D Touch

The 3D Touch is a key new feature in iOS. It enables the users to access information inside and outside of your app simultaneously. Just by force pressing the App Icon users can view frequently used items. Mails and links can be previewed before entering the UI in full screen. iPhone app developers make note that you don’t make essential features of your app exclusive to the 3D Touch; user should be able to access them normally.

  • App Icons

Your app icon is what speaks for you mostly as a small visual element but a doorway to enter in the world created by you. Design will plain bold colors to speak directly to the users. Use a design that clearly describes what your business is and what you provide.

  • Color

iOS uses vibrant colors. This helps bring out the buttons. Bright vibrant colors look good on a white background. Just keep in mind to use color as les as possible in your app. Just use color for CTA buttons or else they will detract attention away from the main content.


Designing an app for the App store is not an easy task but if you fuse the app store guidelines with your creativity then you can make the best of iOS market for your business.

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