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6 SEO Mistakes That can Cause your Website a Google Penalty

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Google Penalty

How to Prevent your Website from Possible Google Penalties?

In this tech-driven world, we often try to overdo the certain things not knowing that it may cause the Google penalties. If you are dabbling in SEO, it is mandatory for you to make sure that you are not breaking any rules. It is a must to follow the right steps of SEO to avoid Google penalties.

What is a Google Penalty?

Google penalty is a very negative impact on a website’s search rankings according to the Google’s latest search algorithm. “The penalty can be an unfortunate by-product of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.” Google penalizes the websites that are promoted against the webmaster guidelines. The penalties may cause due to the manual review or an algorithm update like Google Penguin.

Panda and PenguinYou would get the Google penalties due to these spammy practices including, promoting paid links to improve a single linked profile, copied content, poor quality content, keywords over-stuffing and so on. A lot of sites have been penalized due to the improper or overdo SEO practices which may lead to the drop in ranking in the search results.

How to Check Google Penalties in 2017?

It is seen that a single website linked with hundreds of sites targeted for thousands of websites with a lot of irrelevant links would lead to the penalization. Your SEO would face a big impact and also, all the linked websites would get affected due to the spammy practices.

To avoid the Google penalties, it is a must to know the common SEO mistakes and keep your SEO optimization on the right track. In order to help you avoid the common SEOs and ensure the expected results that support your efforts.

Here are 6 Common SEO mistakes you really need to know to avoid Google Penalties:

Copied Content

Google is very much concerned about its users and strives to extract the best results to end their relevant searches. Quality, genuine, 100% plagiarism free and informative content comes first in the Google’s criterion. Copied, recycled and duplicate content would not be much appreciated by the Google.

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Broken Links

Broken links would take the Google web crawlers nowhere which may dampen your SEO efforts. Dreaded 404 pages, as well as broken links, would affect your website user ratio and its conversion rate. Try to Find and Fix the Broken Links by using the SEO tools instead of removing the removing these bad links.

Too Many Popups

Lots of Website Popups would make any user frustrate which takes away the interest of anyone and cause the increased bounce rate. Having relevant ads on your website is always apt whereas overdoing affects the SEO objectives.

No Interaction with a Social Media

A website SEO also has a Social Angle because a website that has an outreach on Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are more preferred by the Google for ranking. Moreover, it is more helpful to connect with your potential customers.

Overstuffed Keywords

Keywords stuffing worked well in the web world almost 10 years back. But, it is turned out to be a curse for almost all websites because Google has come a long way and articles are considered as spammy by search engine giant due to keywords over-stuffing. Google’s special Latest Semantic Indexing works well to recognize the topic of your content. However, they can recognize your topic even without highlighting too many keywords in your content.

Site is Not Mobile-friendly

Over 55% of users access the web through their mobile phones and Google has become aware of the ever-changing market trends. By recognizing the user’s preference, Google awards the websites that offer quick and user-friendly mobile experience. Websites that can give the better experience to the users are ranked higher and also counterparts who still don’t have mobile-optimized websites.


It is always a matter of concern for a webmaster to prevent a website from the Google penalties and losing their ranking in the search result. By using the right tools and knowing the market trend, they prefer to follow the rigorous steps to ensure that their website can never get penalized by the Google. If you are still unsure about the results, you must know these common SEO mistakes to avoid the Google penalties.

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