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Pros & Cons of a Single Page Website for SEO

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Pros & Cons of a Single Page Website for SEO

Is your Website SEO friendly?

Recently, single page website emerged in the new trend of the digital market arena which works for the purpose of a single product marketing, but seriously hazardous for SEO perspective. Especially, for websites which are having broad coverage of information with products and services. What’s the purpose behind creating a huge website with enormous user-friendly features, ease-navigation as well as rich content, presentations, images, videos and everything that provides in-depth understanding of a business?

With the popularity of a single page website, their existence is increasing day by day. But many businesses are choosing them over elaborate multi-page sites according to their ever-changing business requirements. But do you really think that a design of your website impacts the search engine optimization? Does a single page site really affect your position in Google’s SERP?

Let’s Know some pros and cons of a single page site:

Multi-page websites have been surviving despite ever-changing SEO trends but there;s been a growing trend known as the one-page website from over two or three years. A single HTML page is used for a single page website to display the entire website. There is no navigation features can be found in these types of website designs as the content is simply divided into the sections and doesn’t have a menu content.

These types of websites are quite mobile-friendly and visually appealing that challenges the SEO practices as the designers have a new option for structuring their content which helps a website to stand out of the crowd.

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Pros: There are enormous benefits of a single page website such as:

User Engagement: A single page website enhances the user engagement with the visitors and communicate a specific message and enjoys a great opportunity to do everything without shuffling between large blocks.

It seems interesting to tell the whole story just by scrolling down the page that captivated viewers first glance and keep them engrossed.

Improves Information Flow: It improves the information flow with a well-structured content as you can enjoy a better control of what your visitors see better than a multi-page website without switching the pages. You would get the entire information in a flow.

Better Website Quality: Creating a multi-page website is a time-consuming task as it takes the time to incorporate page-by-page design and optimization. A single page website creates a strong impact where the consistent design leads to more immersive experience for the visitors.

High Conversion Rate: For your website, there is a single thing that matters – conversion rate. Whether you are focused on building an email list, sell more products or generate more leads, one page website always has a strong conversion funnel. There is no need to wait for the page load because you can use a single page to bring all effective element.

Responsiveness: One-page website supports all devices and quite easier to optimize for mobile users as they create uniformity across the sites. The scrolling action by using the mobile devices are much easier than browsing through tabs.

Time & Cost Efficient: As compared to the multi-page website, designing, and development of a single page website is much easier. It has a huge impact on cost.

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Cons: Let’s know the pitfalls of a single page website:

SEO: One-page website is the best for SEO because having lots of information on a single page helps to draw the traffic on one page, but it will soar your rating. However, you can see the downside more clearly with the difficulty of optimization of the page for a few keywords without it appearing spammy.

Page Size & Load Time: A single page website always contains animations and graphics to increase the UI/UX. But this type of pages can become large and bloated with the detrimental effect on the page-load time. And the increased page-load time always lead to the user disinterest.

Content Overload: If you have a lot of information to share with your users, you may face a lot of complications to structure your website in a proper manner. It makes a business more difficult for businesses with multiple products or services when it comes to considering the promotion part.

Confusion with Difficulties: Once the visitors arrive at your website, he/she is required to scroll down until he finds the correct information. It can confuse a visitor which leads to return to the top of the website page. Sometimes, a single page website seems quite disoriented to a user.


With the changing market trends, using the SEO service is quite important for any business. But you will have to determine that your website is designed in a proper manner for getting the right result through its optimization or it is required to be revamped for ensuring it consists everything for the user’s perspective. Having a single page website is good or bad for SEO point of view depends upon lots of things which can be found by going through this useful information.

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