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Is Node.js killing PHP?

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Developers and coders at their beginning stage start with PHP. Which means there isn’t a lot of optimal code available, but the large community and the people dedicated to it have added a lot to its glory and pushed it forwards making it a serious competitor to other traditional server-side languages like JAVA. In earlier times JavaScript uses to handle smaller details on the browser, while PHP was used to manage server-side tasks between port 80 and MySQL. Node.js is much more complex for beginners; the complexity of tools available in it makes it more difficult for people just starting out.Dedicated PHP Developer also goes for Node.js when they feel the need.

Both platforms have grown so much since their inception and improved a lot. Node.js developers can now choose between ever-expanding collections of excellent frameworks LIKE Angular, Meteor and many more. The problem most face is choosing between the long lists of frameworks available. PHP developers in Sydney are choosing Node.JS over PHP for most design and development.

Mixing code with content will give you a crippling crunch. Programmers know that it’s better when the model, view, and controller are separate while building frameworks running on Node.js

Besides being new Node.js Plugins are built-in with full knowledge of the latest architectural approaches. Programmers who developed these Plugins who t realize that modern web apps should push most of the intelligence to the client.

JavaScript has a modern syntax and useful features like closures. You can make powerful libraries like jQuery possible by reconfiguring and extending it with ease.

Once the JavaScript code is in the browser cache, the only thing that moves along the wires is the new data. A ton of HTML markup is not in there and no repeated trips to download everything again.
Node.js experienced its own splintering a few years back, with the launch of io.js, the Node.js universe has since reunited, giving it the kind of language solidarity that PHP developers may soon long for.

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