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How to Find Best Long Tail Keywords? – (A Short Guide)

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long tail keywords

What is a long tail keyword?

The word or phrase you put in the Google search field to get the answer to your search query is known as “keyword”. A keyword can be one word or two to three-word phrase. But a keyword with over two to three words will be considered as a long tail keyword whereas a keyword with less than three words is regarded as a short tail keyword. In the web world, you would find a tough competition so that the long tail keywords are used to optimize your site with more relevant user’s search query.

Long tail keywords articulate the specific search result and used by the people who are confident about their requirement. For instance, a person who is looking for an iPhone cover would search the “iPhone Covers/iPhone Cases” – a short keyword or “transparent silicone iPhone 6S covers” – a long tail keyword. You would get the more relevant search results with a long tail keyword.

How to Research on Long Tail Keywords to Optimize your Website?

Let’s know how to find the long tail keywords with and without using tools:

Related Searches:

Did you ever scroll down a whole page while putting a keyword or keyword phrase in the search field? In the bottom of the Google’s search result, look at the options available as “searches related to”. Consider this area as a gold mine as you can get a good idea about all of your Google searches.

long tail keyword suggestion

Step 1: Type any keyword in the Google search field.
Step 2: Scroll down and look for the related searches as mentioned in the bottom of the page.

Sometimes, you get the best result in the related searches and if you pick one best keyword from the search result, you would find it again in the search field, the terms you would get repeatedly would be the best keywords.

Find the Forums:

Forum quora base search suggestion

Find the popular forums which is one of the all-time favorite ways to get the new keyword ideas. There is no other platform where you can find the hundreds of queries on the same topic with the expert’s advice recommended the most. Look for a forum where your target audience visits the most. To search these kinds of forums begin your search like this – “keyword” + “forum”.

Optimize your search with or is known as very useful, user-friendly and free tools that show you the best keyword suggestions from different platforms like Amazon, Wikipedia,, Google and YouTube. All you have to do is just put your two to three-word keyword, here you would get the lots of examples or search queries on different platforms. It covers all the keywords that you would have missed in your keyword research. You can get the related search queries on that the people tend to ask about your topic. search

question visualisation suggestionGoogle Webmaster Tools & Google Trends

These are all-time favorite keyword research tools that show you high-volume keywords in your target market. The best feature of this tool is you can check a keyword’s popularity over time. Sometimes, you would find that you have lots of pages ranking on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page of Google for long tail keywords. By giving these pages some TLC, they would hit the first page within a week or two.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Trend

Google Trend Data


A long tail keyword is replacing the short search queries and bringing forth more optimized search results. Using the long tail keywords, you would get less competitive keywords to target your web page. It is important to research on long tail keywords and find the tools that can help you to use the right keyword for your niche audience and market. You can check the best way of searching the long tail keywords to give weightage to your search optimization.

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