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What Should You Know To Optimize Your Site For Local Seo

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Optimize Your Site For Local Seo

With the changing market trends, it becomes easier to find a business, stores and any item located nearby. Also, it is no longer a tough task to know the user’s intent and search behavior. Now, Google will fetch your search query without even allowing you to put your location. For instance, you don’t need to type “pharmacy in Queensland” in Google as just typing “pharmacy near me” is enough if your current location is Queensland.

According to the digital marketing experts, one out of three Google searches has the local intent which means users search for require local information in SERPs.

Here are some useful tricks to optimize your website in your local area:

Title & Meta Descriptions

These are on-site HTML elements which show the main content of your page which is visible in SERPs and also, in the browser tabs as text. Google has increased the width of SERP to 600px that can be stretched to 40-50 characters. whereas meta descriptions should be 160 characters maximum.

A page title shows that what your page is all about and easy to understand by the search engine crawlers as well as visitors. Meta Description shows the summarized version of a content page which includes the keywords that also contribute to your page rank. You will have to be very careful while creating these meta tags that should be unique, compelling and descriptive keeping in mind the length guidelines. It should be displayed fully in the search result.

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Keyword Research

The success of your local SEO Sydney campaign lies upon your keyword research that should be done properly. Keywords represent the terms and phrases people generally type in the search engines to draw traffic. Your keyword search will affect the ranking of your web pages. Also, To optimize your keyword research for the local SEO Australia, create a list of keywords or phrases with a geo-modifier that most of the visitors would use when searching a product or service. It is also effective to use a Google Keyword Planner or other tools to get the keyword ideas as per the search traffic stats.

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Google Listing Optimization for your Business

Google My Business enables you to display your business information including open hours, contact details, directions, Google reviews along with your company’s image. It would aid your SEO efforts which provide ease to your customers when your business is already listed. In order to optimize your Google My Business page, you must upload your business logo along with your business picture (staff, office building, etc).

Unless you mention your physical location and display your business, validate every single piece of information correctly as well as the phone number, your customers would not be able to locate you and thus, you may lose your revenue and customers.

Local Listing & Citation

You need to start with (NAP) your name, address and phone number data to get listed and ranked in Google Maps which is required to be a legitimate business. A license is also required in some areas. NAP should be consistent and same everywhere.

To begin with local listing and citations, NAP of the business is mandatory with a website URL. A short description about your business is also necessary which should include your main city name and business stream. Recent pictures of your business along with the information about who you are and what you do is also important.

Mention your business category along with the keyword with your city name. The main strategy for local listing and citation is simply to get as many as feasible in the right category with your NAP data.

Outsourcing local citations and listings is another local SEO Australia strategy which allows a business to submit your local business listing to the third-party platforms. Furthermore, they will use their connections to get that data on other websites as well. This way, one can get over hundreds or thousands of local citations.

These third-party services include:

  • BrightLocal
  • MozLocal
  • Yext
  • Advice Local
  • Whitespark

Customer Reviews are Key Ingredient

Getting good reviews for your local business on Google is extremely helpful for your website ranking which will encourage the visitors to visit your website and avail your service/products. People usually read the reviews about a business to know their credibility, especially to access service-type business.

Reviews are very importance for your business if you have a service industry. It is always important to create a good strategy and maintain the standard of your service to get good reviews which is a key to a successful business. Local businesses are required to encourage the customers to leave a positive review about their business. For instance, to enhance the encouragement, some companies announce the “prize” or organize a competition to avail next surprise gift on their service.


In this digitized world, rigorous steps are required to follow to optimize your site for Local SEO. You need to know the importance of local listing for the effective SEO for your local business. With the creation of title & meta description, keyword research, Google listing, citation and emphasizing on reviews, it’s always better to have a better SEO effect.

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