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How to Improve SEO of your E-commerce Website

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How to Improve SEO of your E-commerce

Undoubtedly, it is a must to rank higher in Google than your competitors to draw the maximum traffic of your prospective clients. No e-commerce website can survive until it is backed by the search engine marketers with a full-proof SEO practice and their efforts to bring it up in SERPs. You must know all essential tips and tricks which will be helpful for your e-commerce site to rank higher.

By following the right SEO strategies, you can almost double your online sales. It would sound unrealistic, but it is possible that SEO and conversion rate optimization can almost double your website traffic and sales.

By generating more traffic, boosting conversion, increasing sales, engaging buyers and turning them into fans, you can ensure sustainable profits of your E-commerce business. Even though it is always overwhelming to manage an E-commerce website, the available information, architecture, SEO and content marketing strategy can bring a remarkable change in your site’s performance.

Follow These 5 Steps to Ensure Return on your Investment

Emphasize on Unique and Informative Content

SEO is one of the most powerful tools that draw the organic traffic to your website. By improving the organic traffic to your website, you would get the improved sales and business profits. Keywords rich information, quality and plagiarism free content would always contribute to your improved ranking.

SEO and content marketing go together wherein the content fulfills all requirements and demands of SEO as the search engine marketers require some keywords to be targeted in the content and use the relevant words to answer the user’s search query. A content allows SEO to insert links to the relevant phrases that they can promote for optimizing a website.

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Keyword Research for Effective SEO Campaign

Keyword research is an integral SEO part for any E-commerce website. This is the first step of SEO because it is a must to know the words and phrases your potential customers would be looking for to find the products that you are offering. Using the different keyword tools, you can create a list of the keywords with the highest and lowest competition.

Once you know the words and phrases searched by the people, you can optimize your product page by following a proper SEO strategy. You would remain clueless without spending some time on keyword research.

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Responsive Web Design for User-friendly Accessibility

In recent years, the Internet users have changed their device preference and switched to the smartphones and tablets from their big-screen laptops or computers. Websites that doesn’t support the mobile devices are losing sales. Most mobile users who failed to access all features of a website or find it hard to use always quit the session and move to another site.

You can redesign your website so that the users can access its each & every feature with no obstacles. However, having a responsive web design is always recommended so that the users can easily browse through the website for their satisfaction and end up with a purchase.

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Identify and Work Upon The Site Errors

Once you conducted the keyword research, ensure that your website is compatible to all devices, you will have to identify the errors on your site. Begin auditing your site problems and ensure that all the 404 pages are redirected to the actual page, 302 redirects have been replaced with 301 redirects and also, update duplicate content with 100% original and informative contents along with the meta titles & descriptions.

Make sure your website contains all active links and landing to the right pages, determine your website and try to reduce page load time. Work upon the site structure if you find it a bit confusing for the user’s perspective.

Add Reviews to your Product Page

Encourage your customers to share their experience and leave a review to your product page. A review will be helpful for other prospective customers to evaluate the quality of a product they want to purchase. In the improved sales and growth of an e-commerce site, customer reviews and rating plays an integral role.

Review is a social proof to your potential customers to give them an assurance that the product fits to their needs and expectations. Positive reviews always contribute to the sales growth whereas negative reviews always bring down product’s sale. A review defines the likelihood of a product purchase from your visitors.


Search Engine Optimization of an e-commerce website is not a cakewalk. You will have to put efforts to ensure it is well-designed and developed for the user’s perspective. It should be well-structured as well so that ensures the better UI/UX. Also, you are required to know it contains an informative content and insightful features so that the users can end their search of the best product at the biggest platform.

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