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Why should You Focus on Long-tail Keywords for Better SEO

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Focus on Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail Keywords Give a Better Way to Connect with the Target Audience…

Long tail keywords are always good for optimizing your website more efficiently. These keywords are long phrases that are usually longer than one word or two-word keywords but more specific. Generally, long tail keywords have limited search traffic due to the more specific search query whereas short phrases are more competitive.

Just by making a few changes in your keyword strategy, you would get the effective result by focusing on long tail keywords. You may an assistance to understand the importance of understanding your own business so that you can have an idea about the potential you need to make to rank your long tail keywords higher.

Why Focus on Long-tail Keywords?

If you want to sell your product, you need to ensure that you sell the best products in the market or your company has a reputation over your competitors. To draw business through the search engines, it is recommended to focus on your SEO strategy which contributes to your website performance. If you can ensure the credibility of your business, it will be much easier for you to draw the traffic of prospective clients and convert them into the potential customers.

Visitors who are aware of their particular search of products or service usually type long tail keywords in the search field but these kind of visitors are more likely to buy your product or service.

The longer search query may lead to the higher chances of conversion rates. For instance, the query of “vacation rentals” may get you the unlimited options but you may end up with a confusion whereas “vacation rentals for families in Florida” may get you the limited search result so that you can end up with a few but the best search result.

Long tail keywords provide a help to the companies that sell jewelry, furniture or dresses as your pages are never going to appear in the top search result for “jewelry”, “furniture” or “dresses” because these are the highly competitive search terms. Instead, it is better to emphasize on keywords with the more specific search query such as “diamond jewelry for women” or “yellow diamond wedding jewelry”, “classic bedroom furniture set” or “wrought iron furniture for outdoors” etc.

It is obvious that you draw less traffic with long tail keywords but undoubtedly you would get relevant, better and more useful traffic to your website with more focused and committed to your service.

Assured Qualified Searches with Long-tail Keywords

With small keywords or short search query, the competition of that keyword will be higher. Even if you invest a lot to get top ranking in this tough competition, ROI will remain negligible. The right implementation of long-tail keywords, you may get less traffic to your page but these are the qualified yet quality searches and you will get the return on your investment much higher.

With the long-tail keywords, you will be probably drawing the traffic of audience you are looking for or interesting in your service or products. This is the audience closer to point-of-purchase.

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Win the Market with Long-tail Keywords

The moment a user enters his search query in Google search, a bombarding of thousands of results may distract his vision of searching a particular service and he would end up whether by quitting the page or considering the one who seems more committed with a better rating and leaves a strong impact.

Instead of investing a huge amount on small search queries, spend less to get more committed traffic with a potential of business. Instead of getting thousands of visitors, you would find better with a few ones everyday who seems more interested in your product and service.

More you go confined, more you get confined results by emphasizing on long tail keywords. Once you draw quality traffic you would get potential customers which may lead to the absolute rise in sales.


If you are getting confused between one word, two-word keywords or long-tail keywords, it’s better to know the usefulness of more relevant and a complete search query with all details. It’s always better to focus on long tail keywords to get good business queries who are committed and quite confident about their search. With long-tail keywords, you would get qualified searches of those who knows what they are looking for and the chances are more to convert the prospective clients into potential ones.

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