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Why You Should Focus On Basic SEO Fundamentals

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Focus On Basic SEO Fundamentals

If you begin your search for one, you would see at least 200 ranking factors considered by Google’s algorithm which involves uncountable SEO practices. A few organizations have enough resources to perform all essential SEO practices – and sometimes it leads to a complete waste of efforts, time and resources as well. There are so many critical SEO practices which are quite critical but can’t be ignored.

When it comes to optimizing your website for improving search result, SEO basics are most important yet often overlooked that should be kept in mind. Instead of sharing just content, content and content, focus on a few basic that you should cover prior to your deep dive into the complicated elements of search.

Focus on these critical technical SEO problems you often miss:

Site Speed: Google considers the site speed which is an integral factor and continues to show that faster sites always rank higher, get more engagement of the visitors and leads to business conversions.

Mobile Performance: Also, the site’s mobile performance is an integral technical consideration.

Blocked Resources: If search engines can’t crawl your site, allow a site to be indexed which is the most feasible way to improve the organic traffic to your website.

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Google Penalties: Spamming content, hacked sites, and unnatural backlinks may cause the severe ranking penalties. Sites with a few manual actions can be demoted in search results as well as removed. Google Search Console introduces a list of manual action on your site which should be considered to resolve the issues immediately.

Redirect problems: Did you forget to implement redirects? Did you launch a new website? If your site is generating meaningless unique URLs or have rigorous redirect problems, they can pose a significant risk to your organic traffic.

Site Structure: In this modern world, it is tough to understand the user-obsessed web culture and we often overlook the simple yet practical practices. Overall SEO practice revolves around the users and the mobile-first believers focus on the enhance user experience. Having a strong site structure is important which will improve your user experience and helpful to rank better on major search engines.

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Why Website Structure is an Important Part of SEO

Building a well-structured site takes some time and a proper planning as per the modern trends. A website structure impacts your website links, navigation and also assist the crawlers to understand your site content as well as its context.

However, the structure of your website matters as putting content together in a proper manner helps the users to understand your business. Don’t compel a user to dig deep to answer their query.

Title & Meta Description: Title & meta description is one of the basic SEO elements which plays an integral role in the ranking algorithm. Since the titles are more important than descriptions, they are equally important to determine a website’s overall performance. “Google may not use the description as a ranking signal” but it doesn’t mean we should ignore them completely. The crawlers still read the descriptions and it is important to tell the crawlers about your page.

The title and description are the first thing you potential visitor come in contact in the SERPs.

Crawler Access: If search engine crawlers are facing difficulties while crawling your site, they would create further complications while indexing and ranking your pages too. Firstly, you should ensure that your site is crawlable which is possible by using the robots.txt file which enables in assisting the web crawlers to crawl your site.

Certainly, you don’t want the crawlers to index certain pages on your site, like login pages and private directories. It’s better to block files, pages or directories by specifying them as “disallowed”.

Also, it is possible to block certain crawlers from accessing your site by replacing “BadBot” with actual bot name you are willing to block.

Be careful when blocking crawlers from your entire site or unless you ensure that a particular bot may cause you a trouble. A little mistake may end up blocking crawlers which could affect interfere with indexing.


Having better SEO strategy and focusing on the SEO fundamentals are always important to improve the search results. Among those thousands of practices, you should not forget these basics of SEO which may lead to higher click-through rates and improve the performance of your site in SERP. It’s important to know that SEO basics should be considered at first before jumping into the greatest practices.

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