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How to Expedite the Search Engine Optimization of New Websites

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Expedite the Search Engine Optimization of New Websites

Optimizing a website correctly is a time-consuming task. Sometimes, it takes over weeks, months and years as well to optimize a website despite its good structure, less competitive keywords and the best strategy to bring it up to the top result. Though, optimizing a website can become less time-consuming, but doing it correctly is what really matters.

Until you put forth the right strategy, you can’t bring it to the top results and following the right procedure is better for the faster organic searches.

Not all the SEO practices can be done in one shot to get the results quickly but a few tricks are there that ensures the first page ranking of your keywords by optimizing your website correctly.

What makes your SEO strategy effective comes under this short list:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Title & Description Tags
  • Heading Tags
  • Site Navigation
  • Site Structure

According to an SEO Expert in the Search Engine Journal, “I tend to get bogged down focusing on minor points.” He recommends to focus only on minor but most important practices instead of targeting the whole project. It’s better to emphasize on improving different areas for bringing forth the quick result, but you can make it less time-consuming by selecting a single area.

Keep in mind that anything you implement can also be improved later. Once you bring up your website in the top result, a few changes are recommended to rectify the errors later. The success of this entire digitized industry lies upon the model – Create, Test, Launch, Fix and Improve.

Let’s discuss the best SEO practices to bring a new website on the top of the SERPs:

Keyword Analysis: The moment you begin your keyword research, ensure that it should be broken down into phrases. It’s quite complicated to spend too much time on too many words and dig deep into them at once which is more likely to bury you. Only emphasize on the core topics/phrases, work on the unique practices, introduce a unique way that most of the people search for what you offer and eliminate whatever holds you back.

One word keyword will not at all work for you whereas long tail keywords are quite beneficial to accelerate the entire SEO process also recommended by Neil Patel. Keep the small letters and one-word searches for later.

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Navigation: Jump to the next important point which takes your core topic phrases and find out the worthy ones which should come to your primary navigation. Keep a list of your unique phrases which deserve an exclusive landing page so that you can plan further for that page.

For instance, you have a typical category of shoes, tops, make-up and healthcare products. But keyword research may reveal that people also seek women shoes, running shoes, etc.

Or there is a probability that they search by their preferred brand. Look for a unique term that represents the same idea, but don’t create the separate navigation pages which determining a terminology which is the most common and create the pages accordingly.

Set a strong set of landing pages just by focusing on your navigation which is designed to end the search of visitors what they are looking for.

Site Structure: Most of the issues relevant to the site structure can’t be resolved like that. But it is needed the most where you can use some tools to discriminate the tasks.

Broken links will be the quickest win for you but there are other ways as well which depends upon the structure of different websites. What’s quite feasible for one might be equally difficult for another? An ideal way to do this is just to emphasize on a list of issues and set priorities. The priority will also be depending upon that how much a fix can help to achieve the objectives of search engine optimization.

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Meta Title & Description Tags: It’s always better to customize your title and description tags to make them unique. It is fruitful to get a higher result in SERP but they are also beneficial to increase your click-through rate because this is the first thing searchers would read during their search.

Beneath the title tags, short description plays a big role here. These are extremely helpful to improve search engine rankings. However, they have a significant impact on click-through rates just because the text appears below the title tags in the search result.

Heading Tags: Once by arriving on a web page, heading comes at the first place right on the top of the page which enables the visitors to know what page they landed on. Only a top heading would be enough to make the visitor understand that this page is useful or not. No web page can keep a visitor for a long time until the page doesn’t serve their needs.


Once you start expediting the SEO process of the new website, you will go through a lot of areas that you hardly touch without a deep research. But the small shortcuts would not harm your website credibility if you will keep the scope of rectifying errors open for the later amendments. There’s still a hope alive to look out the scope of quick SEO with a few tricks but make sure the certain improvements can be done later.

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