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What is The Best Email Marketing Strategy to Follow in 2017

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Email Marketing Strategy to Follow in 2017

All these years, all the marketers have been working very hard with a well strategic email marketing campaign by following the ever-changing marketing trends which include automated emails, big data personalization in emails, email encryption, HTML5 video in email, interactive emails as well as Omnichannel email.

It is proved to be the best way of letting your clients know about your best business offers, features and everything that is beneficial solely for the clients. It is a good way of spreading the words about your business, product, and service with the insightful texts that help in converting the prospective clients into the potential ones.

Instead of working repeatedly on the same idea, just know the latest email marketing trends in 2017. if you have been working with a well strategic campaign, look for the scope to improve your existing campaign and take it to the next level to achieve the unmatched results you could get with a slight change and bringing the improvements.

These four ways will help you to improve your email marketing strategy in 2017:

Focus on Segment Emails: Instead of using broadcast emails, it is recommended to focus only on segmented emails. Unlike other companies that generally tend to send the same emails to all of their subscribers, it should be personalized for every individual without changing the crux of every message. it ensures a sudden fall in unsubscribe rates once your email finds the right person. Segmented emails bring to you the right solution which will be sent to specific segments within a subscriber base based on their previous interactions, brand loyalty, and position in the buyer’s journey.

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Target the Subscribers who Care: You should understand the importance of marketing and target those who genuinely care about your offers, marketing motive, and promotional ideas. Don’t focus on the contacts acquired from the paid email lists. Instead, try sending the emails to those who have subscribed or provided their email address for making a purchase or continuing on your website by wish. Repeatedly sending emails to the contacts not interested will decimate your email opens or engagement rates and furthermore, mark them as spam.

Figure Out what’s Wrong: It happens, when you stop getting the results from your email marketing campaign despite your all efforts to make it as effective is necessary to serve the modern market clients. Try experimenting with a unique as well as the different subject line if you realize that your emails have low open rates. Make it intellectual and send from a personal address instead of your company name. The growth rate of un-subscriptions may lead to the indicative of forthcoming spam complaints. However, figure out the exact reason behind the increase unsubscribing rate and stop sending emails to those who don’t open them and start focusing on the more interesting niche. To avoid the risk of being blacklisted, determine the reason and try eliminating the reason dropping your website’s credibility.

Constant testing will Make it Work: Continuous testing may help you more to achieve the perfect results. There is no way that guarantees a successful email marketing strategy because the ideal email marketing campaign is the one that pays the most dividends for your time and efforts. The one and only guideline that you need to keep in mind are to work within to create a niche for yourself. Keep experimenting with your emails, subject line and the images that you are using for the marketing purpose and identify the types of emails you use and getting the highest engagement and a good response by your subscribers.


Identify the most interesting email marketing trends in 2017 which plays a big role in ensuring the satisfactory results in coming days. You would be facing rigorous challenges and planning to get rid of all hassles holding you back to encourage your potential subscribers to take more advantages from your campaign. Certain trends should be kept in mind and followed to make your email marketing campaign according to the latest market trends in 2017.

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