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5 Important Tips when Developing your Website

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Why design a website? This question has become redundant now. Everything is going online and so should you. A website, not just an extension of your business anymore, it is your business. Your business can live on it, survive on it and if poorly executed then even die because of it. Still not convinced why a website is necessary for your business? Let me throw some numbers at you. 4.5 Billion Internet users worldwide. Among the 4.9 billion mobile phone users in the world 2.53 billion use Smartphones. A staggering amount of people right? Well, a staggering amount of probable customers to. The range of your business can range from these numbers if you develop a website. Everything nowadays is being searched online. From buying a toothbrush to buying a car or even real-estate and precious metals, people are going online to look for every type of service there is. And that’s why you need a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing website which provides easy and interactive user-experience for your business. Web design companies in Sydney creates beautiful websites for their clients worldwide. Let’s have a look at what things you should consider while developing a website for your business.

Responsive Design

The first and foremost and probably the most important of them all is designing a responsive website. Responsive web design is the ability for a website to respond to whatever screen size the person is viewing your website on. Remember the Smartphone numbers earlier? That many people will be viewing your website on multiple devices like a Smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Your website needs to give similar user experience on each device and a responsive device will automatically adjust to fit all sizes. web development company Brisbane are adept at developing some of the best responsive websites out there.

Simple yet Elegant
Keeping the website simple for everyone will run in your favor. Nobody wants a headscratcher for simple things. If your website is simple enough that everyone can easily navigate to get what they want they stay happy and return for more business. Even if you are not selling anything like an e-commerce website your site should remain elegantly simple to navigate through pages. Hire a professional web designer for this task if you are not sure of what to do.

Call to Action
If you grab your customers attention for minimum 5 seconds that is enough for them to take some action. A call to action button tactfully placed to grab attention and help them engage will help your website and your business. The CTA button can be for several actions like ‘getting In touch’, ‘adding to cart or wish-list’ or ‘know more’.


Content is the king on the Internet. Especially Good and valuable content. Material that is easy to read and understand. Content needs to be relevant to your business and must contribute to creating awareness. Your content is what gets you noticed by search engines. This means you have to optimize your content for Search Engine Optimization. Ignoring SEO is a good way to lose out on chance visitors that could have converted into potential customers.

Whether you are having a photoshoot and hiring a professional photographer or just adding stock photos to your website always use professional pictures to communicate your message to the populous. Good quality pictures express professionalism and class and also originality. A picture is worth a million words and most an image is a deciding factor if a viewer will stay on the page or bounce.

Keep these basic tips in mind and make your first impression count. In the internet world, the first impression is the most important as there is a lot of competition out there to bounce. If you into hurdles you can always call a professional web development agency to get you started.

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